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MapCamera’s Buying / Trade-in System

We buy your cameras and lenses at the trade center.
However, your items should work perfectly and the presentation of your passport or ID card is needed by law. If you want a trade-in, the assessed value will be higher.
Before you come to our store for buying/trade-in service, please check the following flowcharts. You will know what to bring and how the system works.



Customers who can apply for Tax-Free

  • Foreign customers who are “Temporary Visitor” visa holders.
     (When the entry stamps on their passports do not permit “re-entry”)
  • Purchase over 5,001 YEN (not including tax) at MapCamera.
  • Customers whose status of residence is listed as “Diplomat” or “Official”in their passport.
     * They will continue to be eligible for the tax refund even after the 6 months’ restriction.
  • Customers who hold “crew pass”.

  • Warranty

    Warranty for tax-free products

    We can provide “return” or “exchange” services for any malfunctions only when meet the following conditions:
  • Within 7 days after your purchase and during your stay in Japan.
  • Please bring your receipt, product passport and all the original accessories of the product with you to our store.

  • For foreigner who lives in Japan

    We provide our used product( except consignment product, product that cannot be return and product which is hard to be repaired) with 1 year warranty. Within a certain period of time, on the occasions of malfunction or defective caused by usual use, we’ll be glad to handle warranty repair works for you.
    NOTICE: The warranty is valid only in Japan and covers the repair cost up to the price of merchandises. We do not guarantee any tax-free product.


  • You can use the tax-free product before your departure.
  • If you lose your tax-free product before your departure, you will need to go through certain formalities at the closest tax office.
  • Except unavoidable circumstances, it is impossible to transfer your tax-free product to others inside Japan.

  • FAQ

  • Can MapCamera ship the product to overseas?
     A:No, sorry but we do not ship any of our product(including GMT, Kingdom Note and MapSports) to overseas.

  • What should I bring when I purchase, so I can apply for tax-free?
     A:You just need to bring your passport (or crew pass).

  • Except tax-free, is there any other discount services that I can have?
     A:Sorry, we do not provide any other discounts.

  • How long will the store keep the product for me?
     A:One day.

  • How long will it takes to order a product?
     A:It depends on what kind of product you wish to order. Normally will takes more than a week.

  • Can I also apply a member card for saving my points?
     A:Yes, but please make sure that you will have chance to use them in 2 years from your purchase, or your points will be expired.

  • Contact Us

    If you have any further questions, please do not be hesitate to contact us here. Please fill in your name, e-mail address and questions.



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