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Online Shopping Guidance

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Online Shopping Guidance-Map Camera


    • If you are a temporary visitor you will not be able to order through our website, but please come to our store.
    • This Online Shopping Guidance is only for foreigners who are currently living in Japan and holding a local address.
    • Foreign customers who shop at our website cannot have tax refunded.
    • We do not accept any orders from overseas.
    • Inquiries in English or Chinese will take a little more time for us to reply, thank you for your understanding.


  1. 1. Before you make any purchases, you will need to register as our new member (for free)at our “新規会員登録” page. Therefore, if you have registered before at any following related websites, you will no need to do it again.
  2. Introduction

  3. 2. After registering as our new user, please use your E-mail address and password which you just registered to login. Therefore, if you registered before at any related websites above, use that E-mail address and the password to login.

      ※One account can login to all four websites.

      ※Only foreigner who currently lives in Japan and holds a local address in Japan can register as our new user.


  4. 3. Product prices and information

    We put all the prices and information utmost carefully on our website, however, incase there will be some occurrence of mistakes, we will also make corrections to these mistakes. However, the costumers can cancel their orders if they cannot accept the changes.

  5. 4. About Contacting

    We usually contact our costumers by E-mails. However, when e-mail system appears some errors, it will cost us unable to send e-mails to you.

  6. 5. Inventory of used products and consignment sales.

    Please notice that there will also have orders from our stores, and there will be a possibility of sold out and reserved at the same time when you make the purchase.
    • ※ In some cases, we do not put conditions, accessories and functions of the product on our website.

How to Order

      You can search by maker names, model names or numbers to find your product.(such as, Nikon, D600, SONY, nex-7, etc.)

        ※The colors of the picture on Internet will be a little different from the originals.

      If you find any products that you wish to order, please click on the cart button.

        ※Please log in before you purchase any items.

      If you want to join our Extra Warranty, please read this first.

      After choosing all your orders, please click on cart button, and you will need to fill in some of your information.


      You will enter a page that will want to confirm your current address.
      If you want us to send your orders to your current address, please click on the button as the picture shows.
      If you have changed your current address or you want us to send the orders to another address, please click on otodoke, and type in your new address.


      Please choose a date that you wish to receive your orders from the“配送希望日”box, Then choose the time zone from the“配送希望時間帯”box.

        ※Depends on the inventory of the product. or traffic situation, it might be late for the delivery.

        ※If you did not choose both date and time zone, we will send you the order in the shortest work days.

        Then click on next

      Please enter your password again in the blank for password(パスワード), and then the following will show you how many points you have left in your account. If you wish to use your points for your purchase this time, please click on
      and also type in how many points you wish to use for your payment this time. If you do not want to use any of them, please click on nopoint


      There are two types of payment.
      One is to pay all your payment at once.
      Another is to pay by two methods. (For example, ¥500,000 of purchase, you can choose to pay ¥200,000 by credit card and ¥300, 000 by wiring the money via your bank account)

      Click on next and go to the next step

      You will have to select your payment method.

    • 1.“代金引換” Pay on Delivery
        Transporter: YAMATO Transport Co., Ltd. / SAGAWA Express Co., Ltd.
        Note: When your orders has arrived, you will need to pay the payment to the delivery guy. The total amount including:
        Orders payment (including tax) + delivery fee (including tax)
        ※ Free shipping on purchases over 1000 yen (now cash on delivery commission is free.)
        After finishing ordering we will send you an e-mail about your total payment.
        Please pay the payment to the delivery guy.
        You will not be able to use this payment when comes to the following circumstances:
          ・The unit price of your orders is more than ¥500,000
          ・If the delivery date that you wish to choose is longer than a week (counting from the day you make the order)

    • 2.“コンビニ決済” Pay the Payment at Convenience Stores
          Available convenience stores:
            ・7-ELEVEn (セブン-イレブン)
            ・Family Mart (ファミリーマート)
            ・LAWSON (ローソン)
            ・SUNKUS (サンクス)
            ・Daily (デイリー)
            ・MINI STOP (ミニストップ)

        【Convenience stores’ payment methods】
            Please print out the payment paper[払込票], or write down the payment paper’s numbers[払込票番号], take it to 7-ELEVEn, tell the cashier that you wish to pay for the Internet payment.
          ・LAWSON / ・Seicomart
            Write down your reception numbers[受付番号] and take it to LAWSON or Seicomart, and then pay your payment there.
          ・Family Mart
            Write down the corporation code[企業コード]and order numbers[注文番号], bring them to Family Mart and pay your payment.
          ・Daily / ・MINI STOP / ・Circle K, Sunkus / and other convenience stores
            Print out the integration settlement picture[統括決済画面] or write down the online settlement numbers[オンライン決済番号], bring it to the stores and give it to the cashier.


          ※ You can use this payment method if your totally payment of your orders is under ¥300,000.

          ※ You cannot combine this method with credit card payment method.

          ※ After confirming your payment, we will send your orders to you, so please make sure your delivery date is correct.(within a week)

          ※ Convenience store payment will not cost you any other charges.

          ※ We will also inform you your order number (ご注文No.)

          ※ The total payment that you have to pay by using this method will be: Orders payment (including tax) + delivery fee (including tax)

          ※ We will e-mail your total payment amount to your mailbox.

          ※ If we did not receive your payment within a week, we will delete your orders directly.

    • 3.“銀行振込”Bank Transfer
        You can wire the payment to any one of our bank accounts:
          ・Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. [三菱東京UFJ銀行]
          ・Japan Net Bank [ジャパンネット銀行]
          ・JP Bank [ゆうちょ銀行]
        We will send you the bank account information with your order confirmation e-mail letter(ご注文確認メール)
          After you finish your order, we will inform you your orders’ inventory condition by e-mail.
          Note: Please wire the payment after you confirm all your orders’ inventory condition, also your date and time zone of the delivery.

            ※ We will send out your orders after we have received your payment, so please be careful when choosing your of your date of delivery.

            ※ You will have to pay for the transfer charge fee, thank you for your understanding.

            ※ If we have not received your payment within a week after your order, we will cancel your orders.

    • 4.“クレジットカード” Credit Card
        Credit Card payment” and “Shopping Credit payment” is two different payments, please make sure your choice.

    • 5.“ショッピングクレジット” Shopping Credits Payment.
        You can pay by monthly installments without applying a credit card.(Orico, JACCS or Cedyna).
        It usually takes 2〜3 days to review your applications.(They will contact you by phone calls to confirm your information, however, there is no need to sign or seal on any papers).
        The maximum of your divisions for payment is up to 60 times.

          ※ If the total amount of your payment is under ¥300,000 or your monthly installment is under ¥3000, you will not be able to use this payment method.

          ※ If you wish to pay with two methods, you can only choose Orico or JACCS.

          ※ Your delivery address can only be your home address or your office address.

          ※ We will deliver your orders after we have received your application result.

          The shortest time for Orico to review your applications is 3 minutes; this can also speed up the delivery time.
          Industry’s first that can apply online 24 hours a day
          Its typing system is also very easy for customers to use when they apply online.
          Your payment of installment will start two months later after your application.
          You can designate the date when do you want JACCS to call you by telephones.
          You can apply anytime (365 days a year and 24 hours a day)
          Employees, full-time housewife, people who live on their pensions and mature students can apply.
          You can choose to pay your bills on 6th or 26th.
          You can also change your installments to a lump-sum payment.

        Please choose one of your payment methods and click on next


      At the end, you will come to the final confirmation page. Please check carefully of your order information, if there are no problems; please click on to complete your order.


      After we have received your orders, the system will automatically send a “自動返信メール(ご注文)お客様控え”e-mail to your mailbox.

      If you did not receive it, please contact us by e-mail.


      After sending the “自動返信メール(ご注文)お客様控え” e-mail to you, we will also check your orders’ stocking condition and send you a “ご注文確認メール”e-mail within 24 hours.

        ※ Before we send you the“ご注文確認メール”e-mail, your orders are still in progress, we need to check if the product has already been reserved by other customers or if we still have them in stock. “ご注文確認メール” e-mail will be the final confirmation of your orders.

        ※ If you do not recieye this mail with in 24 hours, please contact us by e-mail


      After receiving your payment (except pay on delivery), we will send your orders to you. At the same night, you will receive a “発送完了メール” e- mail from us. ( Means that we have sent out your orders.)


      When your orders arrived, please confirm the contents of the package. If there are any questions or missing items, please contact us by e-mail.

        Order reserve period
          If you wire the payment from convenience stores or from banks, your order reserve period will be a week from the day we send you the “ご注文確認メール”e-mail.
          Please notice that we will cancel your order if we do not receive your payment by deadline. There will also be a few differences of the payment deadline in some cases, please check your “ご注文確認メール” e-mail carefully.
        Orders from Overseas
          We do not accept orders from overseas. Only if you can follow our payment rules (Credit cards, cash on delivery, wire transferring or pay at convenience store) and also you can provide us a local address in Japan in order to send you the orders.


    • Credit Card:
        Receipt will be issued by your credit card company.
    • Pay on delivery:
        Receipt will be issued by forwarders.
    • Transfer from convenience store:
        Receipt will be issued by the convenience store.
    • Wire transfer:
        Receipt will be issued by the bank.

      ※If you need a receipt that is issued by Map Camera, please inform our staff.


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