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MAP Extra Warranty

For Customers want to purchase through our website

MAP Extra Warranty

    MAP Extra Warranty is a system that you only need to pay a little amount for the premium when you purchase our product, and then you can enjoy our safe and longer warranty service.

    Please read the Stimulations of the MAP Extra Warranty before you join us.


  1. Breakdown
      Cameras or lens are used normally. However, due to some natural costs, it cannot be functioned.

  2. Breakage
        You’ve dropped your product accidentally during using it.

        Accidentally drop your product at the shore when taking pictures. (not including missing)

        Fire incident from others and got burned.

      ・Typhoon or storms
        struck by lighting, snowstorm incident.

  3. Target Securities
      1.New product- Any new products (cameras, lens, flash, telescopes, etc.) that you have purchased from our stores (over ¥10,000 for one unit), these will come with the original warranties from the manufacturers.
      2.Used and consignment sale products- Purchase over ¥20,000 (unit)from our stores, and it has marked as “MAP Extra Warranty”.

  4. Products cannot be covered
      1.New product- Purchase under ¥10,000
      2.Used and consignment sale product- Purchase under ¥20,000
      3.Others- consumption products, parts, accessories, software, tripod, medium, etc.

  5. Only need to pay a few amounts for the premium and you can have our great service.
      ・New product:5% of your purchase price (including tax), you can have 3 years of MAP Extra Warranty.
      ・Used product:3% of your purchase price (including tax), you can have 1 year of MAP Extra Warranty.
      ・Consignment Sale product:5% of your purchase price (including tax), you can have 1 year of MAP Extra Warranty.

  6. Deductible
      Failure is ¥0. Damage is ¥3000
      Failure or repair can use this Extra Warranty service several times until it is full damaged.

  7. Compensation
    Product Accidents Date of the accident and the date of repair.
    (From your purchase date)
    Within 1 year Within 2 year Within 3 year
    New Failure repair Manufacture’s Warranty 100%
    Damage repair 100% 80% 60%
    Full damage 80% 60% 40%
    used consignment sales Failure repair 100% - -
    Damage repair 100% - -
    Full damage 80% - -
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